Vendor Packages

The vendor plans listed below are geared toward giving you the best possible exposure to everyone attending the event. More than just sitting in a vendor hall, tell the people where you are!

Select one of the plans below and follow the registration steps. Afterwards, you will be given the ability to create your company page through a form submission. Once submitted, all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the benefits of Consilium’s consumer-based vendor platform.

Basic Vendor

  • Company Profile Page
  • Map Location
  • Keyword Searching
  • Specials Listings

Tier 3 Vendor

  • Basic Vendor Features
  • Higher Search Results
  • More Photo Uploads
  • Company Street Address

Tier 2 Vendor

  • Tier 3 Features
  • Even Higher Search
  • Even More Photos
  • Link to website

Top Tier Vendor

  • Tier 2 Features
  • Highest Search Results
  • Unlimited Photos


Below, you can see just a small sampling of what’s available through the Consilium platform. 

Description of features

The vendor packages above list numerous advantages to enrolling in Consilium’s event platform for the chosen event. Below, you will see a detailed explanation of each feature and what it entails.


Company Profile Pages – You will be given the opportunity to create a company page via form submission. Once finished, customers will be able to view your page and what specials you happen to be running at the time. You will also be given the chance to input information about your company such as location, pricing, etc.

Map Location – On Consilium, you will see a map of the event sectioned into grids and cells. Each cell will have a value and be assigned to a particular vendor or activity. You will be one such value. Customers will be able to click on one of the booths and see which vendor or activity is assigned to that booth. Additionally, the company profile page will show on the map where it’s located.

Keyword Searching – When you submit your company profile form, you will be able to select a handful of keywords that would relate to your products or the specials you’re offering. This will give people the ability to search for your company by using those keywords. For instance, if you are having a sale on X, and you assign Y as a keyword, when the customer inputs Y into their search, depending upon your package purchased, you will show up in the search results. From there, customers will be able to click on your company name and see your page and information.


Each level of vendor packages will have a different search rating. The higher packages will result in a high search result, thus allowing for more exposure. The rankings are as follows in order of highest priority to lowest, then alphabetically:

Preferred Vendor – Top Tier
Preferred Vendor – Tier 2
Preferred Vendor – Tier 3
Basic Vendor Package


Specials Listings – On your company page, you will be required to make at least one special for the event. This can be anything within your product list, but must be something available to anyone to visits your vendor booth. For instance, you wouldn’t be allowed to have only one copy of a product then run a special on that one item, thus making it unavailable to anyone else, after it’s sold. The most common method is to run a special on a category of items.

Photo Uploads – On the company page, you will be able to upload photos based on your vendor package. These photos can showcase items, your company, use your logo, etc. 


Each level of vendor packages will allow for different amounts of photos uploads. The higher packages will have a higher limit, thus allowing for better advertising. The number of photo uploads are as follows:

Preferred Vendor – Top Tier – UNLIMITED PHOTO UPLOADS
Preferred Vendor – Tier 2 – Five (5) Photo Uploads
Preferred Vendor – Tier 3 – Two (2) Photo Uploads
Basic Vendor Package – One (1) Photo Upload


Link to Website – Starting at the Preferred Vendor – Tier 2 package, you will be able to input your company’s website to provide valuable SEO. Since the majority of customers using Consilium will be using the mobile platform, this will help your SEO ranking and increase your search results on search engines across the internet, in addition to bringing more and more potential customers to your company’s website.


We know that you’ll be happy with the benefit you get from Consilium’s vendor platform, and we look forward to working with you on a professional level.

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