GUEST users on the Consilium App can enjoy a comprehensive list of activities at any convention ‘event’. ‘Activities’ include games, seminars, and panels along with the day and time for those activities. Guests can also view a list of vendors and merchants who are at the event along with their booth numbers. Guests may also view any upcoming Consilium events and their details. As we grow, this will allow you to plan your conventions for the year.


Consilium ATTENDEE MEMBERS can join any convention ‘event’ offering Consilium to its attendees to enhance their convention experience. For just $1 per convention event members gain:

  • A full list of activities such as games, seminars, special panels, open gaming opportunities, all searchable by keywords for an easy way to find what you’re looking for quickly and efficiently.
  • A interactive map that identifies all the locations at a convention event. Map markers identify gaming tables, vendor booths, bathrooms, ATMs, open game areas, theaters, party areas, and more. The search feature on the map page allows you to input a keyword for a game, a vendor item, or activity name to display JUST those locations so you can plan where to go. Each marker contains a list of the activities at that location AND clicking on any in that list will bring you to that activity’s page containing full details.
  • Accessing activities from the map or the activities list allows members to see the full details for that activity along with a map and marker of where its located. At participating Consilium events, members will be able see the amount of available seats for that activity and join it! 
  • Discounts of at least 10% on at least one type of special item (such as RPG books, t-shirts, dice, etc.) from vendors at the event. Members can search for those items in the ‘Vendor’ section of the app and thereby save money. Members will have the ability to buy from these participating vendors at Consilium events 30 days before AND after the event (shipping cost may apply).
  • The ability to host an open game. Members can fill out a form in the app, enter the open gaming table location, and all other members will see the activity when they search for the category type. So if you have a demo you want to test or just want to play a game from your collection or gaming library, the Consilium App can help.


Consilium VENDOR MEMBERS can participate at any convention offering Consilium. For a reasonable fee vendor members gain:

  • Greater visibility from being listed on the Consilium app in 3 places, the ‘vendor list’, ‘vendors’, and ‘event map’. Guests and member attendees will be able to find you even if your booth is not in a high-traffic area.
  • Keyword search ability for all Consilium Members at the event, as they are able to find the items and services they are looking for.
  • Increased visibility to all Consilium Members at the event by your name and item categories appearing on the interactive map markers.
  • Direct marketing capabilities with Consilium’s notification system that targets the interests of its members.
  • Greater sales opportunities as Consilium allows event attendees the chance to purchase from you 30 days before and after the event.
  • Sales incentive plan that allows attendees to save money on items you designate as ‘special’.


Consilium EVENT HOSTS who offer Consilium to its vendors, attendees, and other participants gain:

  • The ability to give all participants at their event a greater convention event experience.
  • The ability to maximize venue space using Consilium’s interactive map to guide participants to multiple locations in one or many buildings and floors.
  • A greater immersive effect for activity participants as Consilium offers Game Masters the ability to give points, take surveys, and run easy-to-use tournaments utilizing the app.
  • Increased activity participation by offering activity hosts the option to list available seats, and for attendees to reserve those seats during time frames set by the activity host.
  • The ability to utilize table-side service, as the app allows attendees to order food from participating venues, nearby food retailers, and other sources you designate and approve.
  • Advertising opportunities to all Consilium guests and members by being listed on the app throughout the year. 
  • Increased return attendees by offering Consilium to event participants and giving them a greater convention experience as Consilium answers their most common complaints.
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