Merchant Packages

The vendor plans listed below are to give you, as the owner of a store, business, or event, the ability to see the benefit of increased marketing and regional presence!

Select one of the plans below and follow the registration steps. Afterwards, you will be given the ability to create your company page through a form submission. Once submitted, all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the benefits of Consilium’s consumer-based merchant platform.

 Basic Merchant
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    • Company Profile Page
    • Up to 100,000 regional reach
    • Keyword Searching
    • Monthly Managed Email Marketing


Premiere Merchant
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    • Basic Merchant Features
    • Unlimited regional reach
    • Increased Exposure
    • Interactive Map



Below, you can see just a small sampling of what’s available through the Consilium platform. 


Description of features

The merchant packages above list numerous advantages to enrolling in Consilium’s platform for regional and managed email marketing, and offer Consilium consumers the ability to easily search and locate your products and services. Below, you will see a detailed explanation of each feature and what it entails.


Company Profile Pages – You will be given the opportunity to create a company page via a submission form. Once finished, people will be able to view your page and what specials you happen to be running at the time. You will also be given the chance to input information about your company such as location, pricing, etc.


Keyword Searching – When you submit your company profile form, you will be able to select a handful of keywords that would relate to your products or the specials you’re offering. This will give people the ability to search for your company by using those keywords. For instance, if you are having a sale on X, and you assign Y as a keyword, when the customer inputs Y into their search, you will show up in the search results. From there, customers will be able to click on your company name and see your page and information.


Monthly Managed Email Marketing – Every month, you will be able to send out a target email managed by the Consilium marketing team. This email can be any content of your choice pertaining to specials, events, discounts, promotions, etc. and will be sent to all Consilium members in your area for a certain category.

For instance, if you wished to send out an email to all members in your chosen regional area who either purchased or expressed interest in a product, service, or event, you would simply inform the Consilium marketing team, provide the content of the email, the category of the recipients, and Consilium would send out a targeted email to THOSE people.

The immediate benefit of this is the highly targeted nature of the emails. Rather than send out a random email to a thousand people, you’re sending a highly-specific message to a group of people who you already know are in your area, interested in your product, and have already expressed interest in purchasing said product.


Specials Listings – On your company page, you will be required to make at least one special or discount of 10% for the month for Consilium members. This can be anything within your product list, but must be something available to any Consilium member who visits your store or website. For instance, you wouldn’t be allowed to have only one copy of a product then run a special on that one item, thus making it unavailable to anyone else after it’s sold. The most common method is to run a special on a category of items.


Link to Website – Perhaps one of the strongest elements to the Merchant program is the web traffic increase given through SEO and organic searches. When you post a link on the Consilium directory, you are not only able to be searched by customers and visitors, but search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc will index this website, and see your company information (make sure it’s correct!). Using that information AND your website link, you will receive benefits to your website, which will make you appear in search engines at a higher level. With the increased number of users and merchants on the Consilium platform, this only increases further.


We know that you’ll be happy with the benefit you get from Consilium’s merchant platform, and we look forward to working with you on a professional level.

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