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A Convention revolution…at your fingertips

Consilium is more than just a change in event management … it’s a revolution for the consumer and exhibitors as well.

With state-of-the-art event management software and intense database control, Consilium is your gateway to better-managed conventions, events, corporate occasions, gaming cons, and much, much more.

As an attendee…

Revolutionize your convention and event attendance!

With so many options available to guests, Consilium has created a new world of easy activity management. 

Event interactive map 

Using the interactive map through Consilium will allow you a plethora of benefits. You will be able to find vendors and where they are in the vendor hall, search for activities, instantly find that certain one you’ve been following, or even just find the bathroom.

A fully-interactive, GPS-driven map that is able to identify your location, and show you how to get to a certain place at ANY event!

Follow Activities

Through this system, you can search for activities in which you want to participate and follow them throughout the duration of the event. This includes being able to sign up and watch updates as they happen live from the host. 

Hosts have the option to allow attendees to register for activities, concerts, and more including purchasing tickets. Consilium has many other options to enhance the event all customizable to the hosts needs.

Find vendors easily

One of the biggest features Consilium offers is the ability to find vendors in the vendors’ hall and even follow their pages as they update throughout the event. This includes searching for special sales or specific items and being able to follow via the map how to get to that specific vendor booth.

Vendors and exhibitors can list and sell items right on the app giving consumers a chance to receive special discounts and pre-order items.

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